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Cloud Based E-commerce Payment & Return
Reconciliation and Data Analysis

Ecom Books Solution Helps Online
Sellers Keep Track Of​


Tracking payments for each order shipped and separating unpaid or overcharged orders.


Tracking every return, highlighting returns that are marked as delivered by marketplace but not received by seller


Performs data analysis to provide SKU level profitability after factoring in cost on returns.

Accounting & Taxation

Provides seamless tally integations, GST compliant state wise sales report of online sales.


Ecom Books solution helps e-commerce businesses keep track of returns and payments, ensure profitability,
identify areas for improvement to scale.

Greater control with 360 degree view of business

Better Decision Making

Increased Efficiency

Optimum Utilization of Resources

Greater Insights

Business Growth


Payment Reconciliation

Fetches payments of all orders shipped, identifies unpaid or overcharged orders separately.

Return Reconciliation

Compares marketplace provided returns data with returns received by sellers, separates all disputed returns that are not received by seller.

Missing Return Claim Management

Claim management for all missing or undelivered returns with marketplace.

Unpaid or Overcharged Orders Claim Management

Claim management for all unpaid, overcharged orders.

Profit Analysis

Provides most accurate profit for each SKU after factoring in all expenses incurred (including cost on returns) to fulfill orders.

Data Analysis and Reports

Reports that make sense of the data and assist in decision making.

State Wise Monthly GST Report

GST Compliant state wise/tax rate wise/HSN Wise/multi state wise report to make life easier for sellers.

Tally Integations

Seamlessly integrate all you online orders/returns/payments data into your tally.

Live Chat

Instant support to assist sellers with all their queries.

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