Payment reconciliation

This feature shows expected settlement value for each dispatched shipment and actual payment received from the marketplace. This will help seller recover excess commission/shipping fees/pick and pack fee/weigth handling fees/fixed fees charged by marketplace
Let us assure you recurrence of such things is very high, and a seller can expect huge recovery through this feature

Return Reconciliation

Our software collects only self validated data meaning each return that is processed in our system is self validated by the seller and does not rely on marketplace data for return, When returns are not received and marketplace has marked them as return, the same order will be shown in payment awaited, hence helping you recover loss.
There are various stakeholders when it comes to shipping / reverse shipping the product, Marketplace hires multiple parties one for pick-up/reverse pick up and other for transit. And cases lack of co-ordination/control results in lot returns not reaching sellers warehouse.

Profit Analysis

E-Commerce is tricky business, In India lot new buyers are joining the bandwagon, lack of awareness on buyer side, lack of infrastructure results in lot of returns, and all these returns carry cost. Our profit analysis tool helps sellers identify net settlement for each unit sold for each SKU taking into account returned product and cost incurred for the same. Thereby giving exact picture of profit a seller is making on a specific SKU, this also enables decision making for seller to either work to improve quality or price to get better profitability.

Accounting And Taxation

Apart from these our product offers additional services such as tally compliant reports for Accounting and Taxation. An informative Dashboard to give seller a quick snapshot of what is happening with his account with different marketplaces.