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Meet Suresh Hargun, Kuldeep Joshi, Shubham Soni, three co-founders at Ecom Books. Suresh was struggling to manage his ecommerce business, invariably making losses instead of profit that he would anticipate from his ecommerce business, sheer volume of data made it difficult for him to keep track of his business health. The problem was big, and a solution to this can help not just Suresh but lacs of other ecommerce sellers as well. Along came Kuldeep and Shubham and the start of Ecom Books. While Suresh comes from business background, it was leap of faith for Kuldeep and Shubham to start something of their own. Shared vision to provide solutions for ecommerce sellers helped them build Ecom Books that they all are proud of.

With 6 plus years of experience as an ecommerce seller, Suresh has faced & understood the problems firsthand and the passion that he brings for problem-solving is inspiring for all of us at Ecom Books.

Kuldeep brings ability to build quickly, thereby solving problems. Building quickly is vital quality for any startup. Everyone loves him for his cool and no fuss demeanour.

Shubham on the other hand brings calmness in the storm, in startup environment problems are plenty and Shubham knows, the only way to solve them is to take one at a time without burnout. His discipline and dedication towards work is unmatched at Ecom Books.

We run things differently at Ecom Books. The first few to join Ecom Books were friends and acquittances, who also believed in us and passionately worked towards the vision. This made things easier for us, we do not have a leave policy in place, no salary cuts. It is surprising how providing flexibility and freedom at work brings ownership among the team. while officially support is available from 10 AM to 7 PM on weekdays, often team is seen attending calls 11 at night or 6 in the morning.

Still learning, evolving, adapting, growing. Happy Selling!!

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Suresh Hargun
Co-Founder & CEO
Kuldeep Joshi
Co-Founder & Joint CTO
Shubham Soni
Co-Founder & Joint CTO